You’re Crazy Lifting a Ford Transit High Roof!

We hear a lot of people ask us why we would lift our van. I think it handles better now than ever and it might even look better. Van Compass to the rescue!

Ford Transit High roof with Van Compass Lift

We have a 2019 Ford Transit High Roof and I just thought it would look better if it had a lift but what do you do? Which lift? How much should you spend?  There are so many aftermarket products for Sprinters it is great to see a company like Van Compass who has created an amazing two inch lift and a great price. 

Ford Transit Van Compass LiftThe Van Compas lift offers two spring rates to choose from.  They say to call them to learn more about the best one to choose.  We went with the red as it had a higher weight capacity.  When we had the frontend taken apart we also replace the front struts with Bilstein B6 shock/ struts. Now our van is a rear wheel drive and they do not recommend these shocks on the AWD versions.  But with this frontend it gave us a generous 2” lift.

Van Compass two inch leftFor the back we went with the Bilsteins, they offer a Falcon shock, which will might go with the next time around but for our budget we stayed with the Bilsteins.  With the addition of the  Sumo Springs we also purchased the new shock brackets to bring the shocks mounts off the ground. Come on Ford!  Our van was looking pretty level but we also added the ½ rear shackles to give our shocks some more room.  The overall look is very level.

We have had this lift for several months now and put on over 7000 miles on it and it rides so much better. The shock adjustments made a huge difference in the ride and just the way it goes down the road.  We were expecting it to be a little stiff. But I now know the van was actually a little sloppy.  With the new suspension we seem to be able to go down the road so much better, it handles a lot better in turns and at  high freeway speeds.  

Now part of this lift was to make it look better but it also was to put some nice BFGs under the van.  We went with 245x65x16s, so the tires are about 10% bigger than the original mounting these one some Black Rhino rims, the overall look really works well with such a tall vehicle, we also blacked out the section of the van below the side bumpers trims.  This gives the van an appearance of being higher off the road and makes the upper part look smaller.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Now this does not height the problem that it it suffers with a lot of people don’t like the high roof, but if you’re gonna have a bike garage it’s so handy to be able to have this height to work with, you will need about 36 inches to clear most bikes with the front wheels off and the seat post all the way down.  This left us with 32 inches above for the bed, we are shorter so we can set up while setting on the bed.

This measurement can fluctuate as we dropped our ceiling down a bit. You can read about our ceiling install in this blog here, lowering our ceiling allowed us to flatten the curves of the Transits roofline.

With the high roof and the lift yes we do catch some gust and we can feel when a truck goes by But I feel like the suspension has really stiffened up in a good way the handling on dips and roads as we roll through it’s a long vehicle so it has always been able that but now it just seems to charge right through the rough stuff and the tires worked great in the snow. 

It makes the van look so nice as it stands a little over 10 feet tall now not including the Wi-Fi. Extender but you know, we like to mountain bike and spend time off the beaten trail and do some off-roading, nothing serious we’re not four-wheel drive, but everybody asks us if we’re four-wheel drive and I guess that’s kind of fun to talk about the suspension lift and what we’ve got there.


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02/19/2024 02:04 pm GMT

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