MaxxAir Fan Installation

The MaxxAir Fan is a great product that installs seamlessly with your van. With a little work this product will bring the much needed air flow your van needs

One of the first projects I did to my van was install a MaxxAir Fan.  While this seems pretty extreme to purchase a 30K vehicle and then go home and cut a hole in the roof, having the fan installed during the summer here in Southern California allowed me to get the much needed ventilation I desired to start the work on the floors and walls.  

Before I just started cutting I researched and watched many YouTube videos on the install.  You see this van build is really about learning from others and then trying to get the next project done with as little issues as possible. The MaxxAir Fan is a great product that works as promised the wiring is pretty straight forward. The issues are where are you going to place the fan and how will you get the fan to seal around the roof.  Let’s be honest, leaks would be the worst thing that could happen with this install.  

I found on a great adapter on Ebay that is a seal that fits to the ridges of the Ford Transit roof. This Roof Adapter from Ebay comes in many different forms so make sure you have the one you need for your van style and model.  But once installed with the butyl tape and a general amount of sealant, the fan has a very clean and solid connection to the roof of your vehicle.  Now one thing you should know is that the Ford Transit has beams and posts that make up the ribs of the van.  These ribs appear to be a harden steel.  You will want some hardern steel drill bits and several on hand, they will break, but once you have your screws installed through the roof your van will be set for many years. 

I plan on checking the sealant every so many months to see that it has not dried out and cracked.

Which Maxxair Van should you get?  They all work well but the more expensive Maxxair 0007000K MaxxFan Deluxe Fan offers a remote control.  While I purchased the Maxxair 00-05100K MaxxFan Ventillation Fan that is a non remote control version.  I was thinking that I would not need the remote control and that it would just be another thing to lose or batteries to be dead when I need them.  But now that I have my fan installed over my bed and my bed is raised to give me room to have my bike underneath, that now means that I can not control my fan unless I’m up on the bed.  I really could use the remote control and I share this experience so that you can make a better choice in your purchase.

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