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We love traveling in our self-converted cargo van. It brings us immense joy to be a part of the vibrant community of fellow van-lifers who share our passion for adventures and the fulfilling experience of sharing our van build.

Over the years, we have had the incredible opportunity to explore the breathtaking landscapes of North America, embarking on four unforgettable journeys from the northernmost state of Maine to the southernmost state of Georgia. Last summer we enjoyed the Canadian Rockies and 3 US National Parks. Our wanderlust continues to thrive as we eagerly plan to embark on an exciting expedition to the South this summer, further expanding our horizons and adding to the ever-growing list of states we have had the pleasure of visiting in our beloved van, which currently stands at an impressive count of 35 states.

What have we discovered during our long journeys? It’s important to remember that internet access may not always be available, and sometimes we crave a break from the connected world. While we can’t retain every single detail, we enjoy sharing our experiences. It’s exciting to uncover hidden gems and share them with others. Collecting stickers is enjoyable, but finding a place to display them can be a challenge. Ultimately, what will happen to our memories once we’re gone? Will they vanish as well?

That’s where our journal comes in. We offer a paperback journal available on Amazon, but we highly recommend using our leather 6-ring binders instead. With the binders, you have the flexibility to update and add more journal pages as you go. Our journal was created from scratch to provide a space for writing short descriptions of our experiences and locations. It includes a 90-day journal (updates or replacements can be purchased separately). We have also included a convenient checkbox system to mark important details about each location, such as boondocking spots or great restaurants. Additionally, we have designed checklists for adventures, camping, cooking, and more. To assist with van storage planning, we have included a dedicated section as well as a system to easily locate stored items.


Unplug and Find Yourself

Save Memories for Future Generations

Budget and Organize


But for fun we have added on each journal page a place to place a small sticker. now you have a place to store these great memories and add your own personal design. We also have a section for phone numbers and some extra paper for sketching, writing and meditation. And we are just getting started on what we want this journal to be.

So you don’t want another think to store in your van? We understand not everyone likes pen and paper. I really like apps to be honest. So we have a digital version of our journal availble to purchase and use on a highly recommended app called Notion. This app allows for listing daily travel and budget. The digital version even does the math for you! No place for stickers but you can drag and drop images into each page and write as much as you want. We have added all of the major sports arenas as a bucketlist. Finally we are working on a states park list for each state with links to booking and details about each park.

We hope you take some time to thoroughly explore our journal and immerse yourself in its content. We believe that you will find it to be a valuable tool in your daily life. After you have had the chance to experience our journal firsthand, we kindly request that you kindly provide your thoughtful and detailed reviews on both Amazon and our website. Your feedback is immensely valuable to us as it helps us understand the impact our journal has on our customers and allows us to continuously improve our product. We greatly appreciate your time and effort in sharing your thoughts and opinions with us.

Soft Leather Journal

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Digital Version

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Synthetic Leather

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Journal Across North America: Make Living the Adventurous Life Easier.

Our Travel journal is now availble at

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Van Travel Journal

We created a journal just for Van travelers!

You can purchase a paperback version from Amazon, or opt for our custom six-ring expandable leather binder, which is perfect for extended travel journaling.

Both journals include a 90-day journal, van organization tools, a bucket list, a task list, budgeting resources, and a checklist of National Parks in the US and Canada, among other features.

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