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Installing the flooring

When it came to installing the flooring I wanted something durable and easy to clean. Rubber Coin Flooring from Home Depot was my answer.

So I have this big white box and I need a floor to be the foundation of my vision for this living space. What should I use as my top covering and how will I work around the floor ribs?

Again I want to thank so many people who have tackled this issue before me. What I noticed is that the wood slat and vinyl interlocking planks looked great, but I wanted a more industrial look to my conversion. You see I have this entire van built in my head. So with that, I went with a garage flooring product called coin rubber.  Home Depot’s G-Floor Small Coin 7.5 ft. x 17 ft. Midnight Black Commercial Grade Vinyl Garage Flooring I was able to purchase one roll which is a perfect width and plenty long for my 148″ Transit. I have had enough flooring left over to install in both drawers in the vans garage. Yeah, I call the area under our bed the garage. I will have a full blog about this area soon.

For the foundation of the floor, I used 3/4″ interlocking flooring plywood. This worked well as it was thick and allowed me something to screw my cabinets to while also providing a strong surface over the floor ridges. The floor ridges. (that is what I am calling the ribs in the floor.) While this feature works great for loading and unloading palettes of gear. They seem to be the one area that many people have tried many different ways to cure. Our solution was to cut 1/2″ foam insulation into slats and then adding another full sheet of 1/2″ foam. Then the rubber coin to top it off.

If you noticed I wrote this installation backward of how it really went together. I have found when doing a project it is best to envision what you want the final product to look like. Then you build it out with this full vision. I find watching YouTube and reading other blogs has given me this insight into what I want and I hope reading my blogs will help with your vision.



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