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Infotainment for Ford Transit

It's a cargo van. Will there be any luxuries behind the wheel? Doing a little research and installing an aftermarket stereo system makes all the difference.

So a big part of my Ford Transit high roof search was looking for a van that had cruise control. Why cruise? Well, I found that if the cargo van has cruise control it will also have the information instruments, in the dash and the controller on the steering wheel. This comes in handy to check the outside temperature, mileage but I like the digital speedometer.

The cruise control does come in handy for long drives and setting it at 70 MPH 75 MPH, out here on the west coast where you have to drive several hours just to get out of the state, you really appreciate the transmission in this van. You would never know the van is shifting down but you see your tach going up. For the big box, it does very well on the road.

My other must-have was an infotainment system. So I installed the Sony XAV-AX3000 from Best Buy (July deal with free installation.) now available at Amazon. The whole thing with installation and the install kit was $425 (you will need a new stereo interface kit.) This system offers both Apple Car and Android Auto. I love the new interface of Android Auto. While the app has been updated twice since the summer of 2019 the stereo has had two updates during that same time so it is good to see that Sony is keeping this system up to date and working smoothly with Android Auto.

So now for my long drives, I have my podcast, GooglePlay music, which I can download my thumbs up songs to have on the road, or YouTube music which does a great job of creating radio stations. I use google maps but Waze will work also. There are several other apps but really I want some good music and with updated Kicker 6.5 speakers in the doors, I have a really enjoyable driving experience.

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