5 Reasons Harvest Host is Great for Van Travel

Looking for a great way to save some money and have a really enjoyable adventure? Try Harvest Host.

Affordable camping options for travelers

Traveling across multiple states can be a thrilling yet exhausting endeavor. There are instances when the urge to reach your destination overrides everything else, creating long, tiring days of travel. On other occasions, you might want to relax in the uniqueness of a state, indulging in various tours and attractions that require a reasonable budget.

We have discovered that Harvest Host is an excellent solution for those quick overnight stops. It not only saves a considerable amount of money but also ensures that we are refreshed and ready for our next day of travel or sightseeing.

Most hosts have a general guideline asking guests to arrive before 6 PM, although breweries and Hosts with restaurants are often more flexible, allowing later arrivals. We find that 6 PM works perfectly for us, as it gives us ample time to visit their store, winery, or brewery and make a purchase.

Harvest Host recommends spending $25 or more, but some hosts ask for up to $35 (The host will normally have it on their booking page) Usually, a quality bottle of wine or a good meal covers this cost. After a fulfilling evening, we return to our van for some relaxation, perhaps watch some TV or catch up with some work before bed.

For those hosts who operate stores, we’ve had the privilege of using their bathrooms in the morning and even indulging in some of their delicious pastries. Yes, you read that right – some of the hosts are bakeries! Thus refreshed and rejuvenated, we hit the road again, ready for our next adventure.

Great way to meet new people and try new wines and more

One of the most exciting aspects of this experience is undoubtedly the opportunity to meet new people and listen to their unique stories. This is often the highlight of our travels. Hosts frequently have fascinating tales about how they came to own their properties. Their journeys, filled with ups and downs, are often inspiring and give us a deeper understanding of the places we visit.

In addition, fellow travelers are a treasure trove of experiences and recommendations. They often have incredible stories to share, and their tips about local must-see spots and hidden gems can be invaluable. It’s like having your personal travel guide, offering insider advice that helps you to experience the local area in a way that typical tourists might never do.

Moreover, when there are just a few fellow campers around, it creates a sense of community that makes the experience even more enjoyable. You get to know who will be camping alongside you, creating a sense of camaraderie. The shared experiences and stories around the campfire ( not all locations allow for campfires or propane fires) create bonds that last beyond the camping trip. So, over all, meeting new people and hearing their stories is not just a part of the journey, it’s what makes the journey truly memorable.

Create maps and host locations along your path

The Harvest Host app has not only gained new strengths but also acquired profound insights. Their latest innovation is a new browser version that offers an enhanced trip planning feature and allows you to find locations conveniently along your travel path. This development represents an exciting step forward as it makes trip organization significantly easier for users.

Moreover, the number of businesses and museums partnering with Harvest Host is steadily increasing. This expansion means that users now have access to an even wider range of locations within the cities they are visiting. This diversification of locations contributes to a richer, more varied experience for app users.

The mobile version of the Harvest Host app is equally impressive, providing a fantastic platform for interaction with hosts. This interaction feature is particularly useful as hosts often provide directions on how to locate their property or the best routes to reach the camping area. This feature enhances the overall user experience by facilitating communication and making trip planning smoother.

One of the aspects we love most about Harvest Host is the review feature. The ability to read reviews from other users and leave our own feedback is a valuable resource. It not only helps us make informed decisions but also contributes to the wider community by sharing our experiences. This feature, coupled with the opportunity to discover truly unique locations, makes the Harvest Host app an indispensable tool for travelers.

Works with other companies to find overnight stays

Harvest Host is renowned for its remarkable and diverse locations. However, the recent addition of Boondockers Welcome significantly enhances your choices by providing access to thousands of driveways and backyards across the country. At first glance, this may not seem like the ideal scenario for everyone. However, we have had the opportunity to stay at some truly stunning homes. These homes offered breathtaking views of wine country and towering mountains, vistas that you would be hard-pressed to experience within the confines of a crowded RV Park. The tranquility and uniqueness of these private settings have given us a completely new perspective on our travels and opened up opportunities for experiences that we would have otherwise missed out on.

Easy in and out.

While embarking on a journey with your rig, it is important to ensure it is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities. This is because the locations you will be visiting, more often than not, do not offer facilities such as dump stations and showers. In fact, only a handful of these locations might have bathrooms that are open during business hours. Despite these minor inconveniences, the convenience of being able to easily pull into a parking lot or having the freedom to leave very early in the morning without having to worry about check-out times, makes travel networks like Harvest Host and Boondockers Welcome an excellent choice for traversing our wonderful country. This way of traveling not only bypasses the constraints of traditional campgrounds but also allows you to experience a side of the country not seen by most. Moreover, for those wishing to extend their travels north, it’s worth noting that there are several Harvest Hosts available in Canada. This opens up the opportunity for you to experience a whole different culture and landscape while still enjoying the convenience and familiarity of the Harvest Host network.

Van Travel Journal

We created a journal just for Van travelers!

You can purchase a paperback version from Amazon, or opt for our custom six-ring expandable leather binder, which is perfect for extended travel journaling.

Both journals include a 90-day journal, van organization tools, a bucket list, a task list, budgeting resources, and a checklist of National Parks in the US and Canada, among other features.

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